College Green, moccasin envy

Kelsey Hayhow
Freshman Latin Major

I was smitten with Kelsey's knee-high moccasins the moment I saw her relaxing with her computer on College Green.  Incorporated with her free-flowing salmon dress and extra long scarf, her ensemble seemed to represent that of a relaxed but incredibly dressed gypsy.  This outfit is simple, comfortable, and creatively balanced. 


President Street, high waist skirt

Cynthia Robinson
Sophomore English/French Major

Court Street, knit cap

Austin Young
Junior Political Science and Spanish Double Major


Court and Union, mixing business with casual

Aaron Yeager
Sophomore Journalism Major

I ran into Aaron as he was registering students to vote.  Not many could pull off a sweater-vest/multicolored sneaker combination, but Aaron does it with ease finishing off the look with super skinny jeans and a striped collared shirt.  This kid is definitely achieving the business on the top/ party on the bottom.

College Green, fall tones

Jane Mitchell
Sophomore Photojournalism Major

Risa Seidman
Sophomore Journalism Major

Anna Edwards
Junior Informational Graphics and Page Design Major

I ran into these three fashionable girls on South Court, but thought that College Green might be a more scenic setting for a mini-photo shoot.  I love the sweaters, muted colors, sheer black tights, and dainty flats.  Pulled together they create a stylish and uniquely simple outfit. I ran out of time for coffee before class (almost a sin but figured it was worth it).


South Green, just rolled out of bed

Chris Dodd
Freshman Philosophy Major

Mary Forfia 
Freshman Social Work Major

I ran into Chris and Mary on South Green.  I stopped immediately to ask if I could take their pictures.  Each had such an unique style.  I was enamored by Chris's plaid tweed jacket and knit cap which contrasted each other just as well as they matched.  I also was attracted to Mary's red hip bag which seemed to tie her whole look together. Just rolled out of bed.... well that seems to work pretty damn good.


South Green, sunny afternoon

Libby Cunningham
Undeclared Sophomore
Jaclyn Clifford
Sophomore Philosophy major

Thrown together without a thought, however thrown together impeccably.  The wide belt gives shape to the oversized plaid.


Young Photographer

Chip Koch
Freshman Photography Major

He reminded me exactly of a friend. Maybe his black Ray-Bans, ripped slip-ons, tight dark wash jeans, and casually fashionable drag will do the same for you.

East Green, warm colors

Arielle Rogers
Sophomore Performance Theatre Major

A Day for Hats

Peter Brown
Freshman Secondary Education For Integrated Social Studies Major

Dan Manis
Freshman Education Major

There's something about a cap that just ties an outfit together.

Baker Center Columns, 80's vibe

Unfortunately this photograph does not do Calla Bonanno, a sophomore Communications major with an appropriately original name, justice.  I first noticed Calla in one of my classes earlier this week and have hailed her ensemble choices for the entirety of the week.  It was only today that I remembered my camera and therefore had the tools to capture a tangible picture (rather then just a mental one).  Her bright gold headband and studded bracelet (not completely visible in the photograph) complete the off-the-shoulder look

Washington Green, collegiate attire

Ben Stewart, a freshman Classics major, attracted me instantly with his casually held attache case.  I seem to be one who is uncommonly attracted to brown leather bags and this one seemed to be no different in calling my name from across the courtyard.  Ben's newsboy cap compliments the brown case perfectly and adds the perfect professional air to the laid back t-shirt and jeans.

On Court, More then willing to comply

I met/barraged Katharine Perko, a graduate English major, while heading down Court Street.  With all information written down, I had realized I had left the most important part of my camera (the battery) at home.  Luckily Katharine was more then willing to meet me at Perks for an impromptu shoot.  Meeting her previously, I had failed to see the simple tattoo inked on her upper left arm.  What better way for a Cleveland native to show her true love for Ohio.


An Athens Fashion Blog

Dreams of Chicago, a reality in Athens.  Once disappointed in my unfortunate location I began searching the streets for solace.  What I found was surprising.  Fashion in Appalachia? Students with inspiring and original style roamed the streets, frequented the small shops, sat nonchalantly in parks.   Inspired by the fashion blogs covering many of the known fashion metropolises such as New York, London, Milan, and Copenhagen I decided to create one. One reserved especially for the unconventionally fashionable college town of Athens, Ohio.  Here it is, observe, read, comment, see someone you might know, and keep on being fashionable.