10 Questions for Alice "Hope" Kim

While in Omaha I had the chance to intern for one of the magazine industry's finest, Alice Kim. A 15 year alumna, Alice has worked for some of the top magazines including a long running as InStyle's go-to accessories maven. After her 10th year at InStyle she decided to take a chance and follow a lifelong passion for the city of Omaha, Nebraska. Constantly encountering the city during her life through different acquaintances and startling coincidental outlets she packed up her New York apartment and headed to the quintessential Midwestern state of Nebraska.

Alice's boutique brainchild "Trocadero" was born appropriately and purposefully in 2007, the year of the golden pig, which in Chinese folklore promises a prosperous and wealthy life. Trocadero is filled with Alice's top picks which mirror her refined editor's taste. Brands featured include LAMB, Brian Atwood, Marvis, Kara Ross, MZ Wallace, Giuseppe Zanotti, and the iconic Kidrobot to just name a few. Items are hand selected and offer Omaha a chance at accessories and gifts that might otherwise seem worlds away.

I digested incredible amounts of information pertaining to the brands, boutique, and business from Alice and was delighted to sit down with her to ask a few questions of my own:

CC What is your middle name?
AK Hojung

CC What do you wish was your middle name?
AK I like my middle name - it's my Korean name. But if I had to choose another "H" - it would be Hannah or Hope.

CC What were your parents constantly finding you doing growing up?
AK Beating up other kids in my neighborhood. Really, I used to scratch, kick, and hit!

CC Best advice you followed?
AK Follow your heart.

CC Five things you miss about New York?
AK 1. Sushi of Gari, my favorite restaurant in the world! Gari's omakase is the best thing to eat bar none.
2. The U.S. open tennis matches every August/September. Best athletic event to watch live outdoors, in the sun, all day and night.
3. Fire Island - Point O'Woods. My friends have a place there - you have to have a family and children to have a house. No cars, just boardwalks and lots of bicycles. Perfect summertime retreat.
4. Walking everywhere and anywhere.
5. That unmistakable and incomparable energy that IS New York as well as calling it my home.

CC Favorite encounter in Omaha?
AK When the little kids of my customers come into the store and hug me around my legs.

CC Your best skill?
AK My memory - its like an elephant's!

CC Favorite "hated" trend?
AK Leggings - I can't live without them.

CC Three characteristics of originality?
AK 1. Confidence
2. Personal Style
3. Wit

CC What would you like to see more of in magazines?
AK I want to see great accessories and ones that normally found at massive and cheap stores. Aspirational and inspirational - I can see the trends and then search for cheaper alternatives on my own instead of seeing Target, Forever 21, Old Navy items on the pages and layouts.

To come see what all the fuss is about visit:
1208 1/2 Howard Street in the Old Market of Omaha
or http://www.shoptrocadero.com/ if Trocadero still seems worlds away

What more could you need?

Than a store that supplies BOTH lingerie and wind chimes.

You might have a different answer but I can assure you that it is nothing.



Not long ago I posted this post:

O wait that was two posts ago. Damn I have been bad about that whole "posting new posts idea" that is required with any blog.

Needless to say this summer has been a very thought-provoking three months filled with deep thoughts, revelations, and some ideas about the direction that I wish to take Court Cloth. Coupled with these thoughts has been a month long internship at Trocadero, friendships with the artistic locals and a talented young designer named Jennie Mason, and the decision to stay in Athens, Ohio for both my education and the future of Court Cloth. I swear posts would have already been added but I seem to have forgotten the importance of a camera cord in the process of uploading pictures to the internet. Therefore stay tuned because Saturday I return to both my home and my abandoned cord.

Click here to see my intern page and visit Trocadero's blog!


Rapscillion by Samantha Pleet

Queen of the modern jumper has partnered with Urban Outfitters to create a simply marvelous and affordable line.

This structured jumper that comes in peach (as shown), black, and blue is my favorite. Mmm I might be making my routine stop by UO sooner then I thought....

Click here to see the rest of the line.

Goodbye Appalachia

Court cloth is officially leaving Ohio University. I have had a great year writing and stalking the students and residents of Athens but it is time to move on to a larger mecca. This summer is going to be spent searching for inspiration in all elements, mediums, and forms. June-September might be a hodgepodge of unfamiliar, but soon Court Cloth will return to one cohesive piece.

Thank you for putting up with my mess!


while waiting check out www.lookbook.nu,
my new and ultimate form of wardrobe
inspiration and complete envy.


Do As The Professors Do

It has been far too cold to think about stealing people off the street let alone make the necessary steps to actually do so. However this doesn't mean that I haven't been looking for superb sub-zero fashion. One of my favorites so far is being worn by an unlikely bunch, the great male professors of Ohio University. A casual suit worn contrastingly and harmoniously tucked into a pair of well-constructed rain boots. Already today I have spotted one of these well-fashioned men in Perks, as well as right outside of Baker sporting this interesting and scholarly combination. I hope to get a sample of one soon but for now I have to let a mental image suffice while I chatter my teeth.

So do as your fashionable elder professors do and go the classic rain boot way. Frankly I'm sick of the day-glo patterns and would like to see some old-school equestrian styles roaming these ice laden streets.


Hunter Olive Green Riding Rain Boots
$140 @ Shoes.com


Delias Multi-Colored Riding Rain Boots
On Sale for $45 @ Delias.com


Generic Women's Riding Rain Boots
A Mere $20 at ..... Walmart.com
They look IDENTICAL to these Equestrian Rain Boots found at none other than Urban Outfitters. So save yourself the dough and shop at the place you never thought you would go.


Thoughts on Court

I've been sitting in a *Nameless* tanning salon on Court waiting for my friend to finish toasting her skin for approximately 20 minutes. Within these 1,200 seconds I have seen about 15-20 collegiate girls walk in and out. Every single one of them (and when I say every single one, I mean excluding not one girl) was happily sporting her own "unique" pair of Uggs. Eight to ten were wearing a lovely chestnut color, five-ish were sporting the dark brown, and the rest were devoted to black. O wait! Lets re-tally the count and add two more to the chestnut category. Some slipped passed me while I was writing the past four to five sentences.

Lets guesstimate that an average pair of Uggs costs between $130- $160. Now lets take the lump some of money and apply it to something stylish.

Here we have a beautiful pair of Militia Booties found on Modcloth.com with both Chestnut and Mocha worked into the boot. Now you don't have to choose!

Militia Booties $127.99

And here for those few of you devoted to black, a soft leather pair of Buckle Boots from Urban Outfitters.
Buckle Boot $98

Each under $160. Each making a difference in my daily near-drownings in a sea of Uggs.

I just found this website. It made me laugh.
http://www.igotuggs.com---the name explains itself.


Mixed Patterns on South Court

Robin White
Senior Political Science Major

I did a double take and immediately grabbed Robin after seeing her gorgeous coat whisk past me on South Court. After my eyes were able to move from her coat and digest the rest of her look, I was able to see the other intricate patterns that she had incorporated effortlessly into her ensemble. These completely different patterns are quirky yet unexpectedly pleasing to the eye. Robin was a refreshing winter look in a sea full of down and sweats.

Baker Center, tiered dress and boots

Toshiko Kobayashi
Sophomore Journalism Major

I may or may not have cornered Toshiko in the bathroom when I saw what she was wearing along with her new stylishly choppy cut. However I decided to keep her and Court Cloth's dignity intact and photograph her just in front of the large windows towards the back of the building. Toshiko's outfit perfectly described her laid back spunk with an eclectic grouping of muted colors. I was hoping her backpack was purchased in a store native to Japan (where she spent her excessively long six week break) but she just happened to pick it up at one of my all time favorite stops. Urban Outfitters of course.... I knew we connected immediately for a reason.