No Pants, univeristy terrace

Angela Sizemore
Undecided Freshman

Sometimes I debate taking the effort to run someone down to photograph their look. For Angela... it was an immediate gallop to seize her for a picture. When questioned what theme party she must be coming from/heading to, she explained it was an everyday look. You've got guts Ms. Sizemore, you have got guts.

Like Dog like Owner, College Green

Kelley Bryant
Senior Information Graphics Major

Kelley's hair matched her shirt, Kelley's thigh tattoo matched her dog.... and I really just wanted an excuse to play with that dog.

MICA Fashion Show Highlights

This weekend I traveled to the heart of Baltimore and was able to not only see the Transmodern Festival (and spot Dan Deacon) but attend the MICA Annual Benefit Fashion Show as well. With a seat directly in front of the runway I was able to get the best view in the house (despite a few cases of skimpy loincloths). I accidentally took upwards of 400 pictures but decided to spare the pixels and select some of my favorite looks from each designer.

Janae Smith presented a tribal line that boasted creative uses of fur but left me wanting more...clothes.

Sarah Ivancic presented the empowered woman, beautifully.

Although not thoroughly impressed with Mika Eubank's line of business chic, I loved her concept celebrating the "evolution of women" and this particular model who strutted the runway with the talent of a model who has seen her fair share of New York Fashion Week.

Sally Park's line exploring secret obsessions topped my favorite looks of the show. My mouth held agap as this intricate floral gown passed in front of my eyes. I am utterly suprised I worked my camera in time to capture its beauty.

Sophia Park and Virginia Rohr's line lacked a common theme however their metal pieces did a good job of tying together the looks within the show. Each individualized piece impressed me more than the last. The black "tube" hood on one of the final male models was extremely innovative and was only topped by the over-the-edge attitude of the man of gold who followed him.

Kate Weintraub and Morgan Frailey's line inspired by Victorian bondage was another favorite. Animal skull placed over your no-no's? Yes, yes.

Jessica Marx's work was damn impressive for a sophomore student and again took a more tribal turn. The organic quality of the work was intriguing and surprisingly versatile. This style reminded me of a Southern Belle, if her mother had been part of a Native American tribe.

The concept behind Julia Cheng and Spencer Agoston's work applied to my interests minimally at best but they looked terrifically alien within the dim theater.


Black Palette, college gate

Renzo Woen
Freshman Finance Major

Renzo looks like he just stepped out of a photo shoot for a cigarette. I almost started to think I was not in Appalachia anymore....

Repeat Offender, college gate

Chris Dodd
Sophomore Philosophy Major

Finally after a long hibernation my reputation as a street stalker has been revived with the return of Athens' spring. Chris, my first revived Court Cloth victim, had a relaxed style that stood out amongst the t-shits (a typo I'm leaving) and athletic shorts of his collegiate peers. After exchanging names I realized I had photographed Chris well over a year before on South Green and appreciated his style just as much now as I did when Court Cloth was a mere infant. Chris spends his time apparently being stalked by me and providing his musical abilities for the local bands Whale Zombie and Manor Animals.


Simple Spring Shoe Solutions

Jacob Marley

"Slip on By Flats" by Kenneth Cole Reaction

= "Chain Shoes" by Tove Jansson

The Fonz

"Castillo Black Booties" by Steve Madden

="Faithful Bootie" by Alexander McQueen


"Ambitious Round Toe Pump" by Nine West

= "Angelica Strappy Pumps" by Beatrix Ong

Spring Shoes are starting to resemble odd and freakishly random characters.....Lady Gaga may have a greater hold on the fashion world then we may think....

Beautiful "Baubles"

Although my minor in art is forcibly trying to mold my mind to appreciate the organic nature of this intricately woven wire necklace featured on Shop Meitte.....

All I can think of is:

Sacrilegious Specs

Not even Aviators are safe from the vampire trend that we are all are nauseously aware of as it sweeps the country/world/underworld.

Although these Ann-Sofie Black sunglasses are not a big enough embarrassment to cause Walter Sobchak a Vietnam flashback, the dude's faithful Polish companion would obviously be disgruntled with these shades shamefully featured on Opening Ceremony.