Baker Center, tiered dress and boots

Toshiko Kobayashi
Sophomore Journalism Major

I may or may not have cornered Toshiko in the bathroom when I saw what she was wearing along with her new stylishly choppy cut. However I decided to keep her and Court Cloth's dignity intact and photograph her just in front of the large windows towards the back of the building. Toshiko's outfit perfectly described her laid back spunk with an eclectic grouping of muted colors. I was hoping her backpack was purchased in a store native to Japan (where she spent her excessively long six week break) but she just happened to pick it up at one of my all time favorite stops. Urban Outfitters of course.... I knew we connected immediately for a reason.

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viewsoutsidethe68interstate said...

personally, i think having the porcelain of a toilet seat in the background of this picture would have added to the grunge chic look.