Not long ago I posted this post:

O wait that was two posts ago. Damn I have been bad about that whole "posting new posts idea" that is required with any blog.

Needless to say this summer has been a very thought-provoking three months filled with deep thoughts, revelations, and some ideas about the direction that I wish to take Court Cloth. Coupled with these thoughts has been a month long internship at Trocadero, friendships with the artistic locals and a talented young designer named Jennie Mason, and the decision to stay in Athens, Ohio for both my education and the future of Court Cloth. I swear posts would have already been added but I seem to have forgotten the importance of a camera cord in the process of uploading pictures to the internet. Therefore stay tuned because Saturday I return to both my home and my abandoned cord.

Click here to see my intern page and visit Trocadero's blog!

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melanie said...

i love the way that you write.