Distractions, Inspirations, choose your title.

(image from the evolution store, via oh joy!)

This post has been manifested by me, for you, due to my two hour loop of unproductive internet fumbling caused by my blatant aversion to criticizing Marxist theory.

Therefore if you, like I, are in need (or mostly want) of distractions during your end of the year projects/papers/ and other ambiguous school assignments please refer to the list below and thank me (or hate me) for your new found inspiration obsessions.

I'm a sucker for a good header darling dexter

Their update speed makes my methods seem archaic oh joy!

Minty, with a touch of sequence hot chocolate and mint

Fashion is not in a monogamous relationship with clothes coco + kelley

I like what she likes mustard and sage

I will be your friend oh, hello friend

If unruly is this beautiful... unruly things

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