May Humidity

With humid weather comes lack of ambition for dressing nice, and most of the time... getting dressed at all. Air conditioning becomes all the clothing necessary as stepping outside engulfs you quickly in a thick sweater of musky air. Although my fellow students might be saving their summer outfits for cooler days, I can always count on my favorite site lookbook.nu for some inspriation during this moist month of May.

28 year-old user "Virgin Jessica" from Montrose, Tx implores an open denim shirt and hair wrap to keep herself cool even in the Texas heat. Her look is completed with steampunk sunglasses and an array of gold bangles that add dimension but are far from "bling".

Liset Van Der Laan takes a simpler approach to the damp gray days of May by pairing a simple patterend top with long vintage skirt. The ponytail adds the perfect do' to the relaxed look. The beach background was not a contributer to me picking this picture. (The previous statement was a lie).

20 year-old Lena Phillips' look reminds me of the days in high school where me and a couple of friends would go to a remote spot and jump of the railroad tracks into the shallow river below. This only reminds me of this particular occurence because there are railroad tracks. And like Lena, I was not the one jumping. I would just sit there and try to look cool as my friends tried to look cool by risking their lives. Either way, Lena looks like a fantastically sadistic me in her sheer black button up and high waisted shorts that are impractically practical for a mid-day "jump" into the river.

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