Do As The Professors Do

It has been far too cold to think about stealing people off the street let alone make the necessary steps to actually do so. However this doesn't mean that I haven't been looking for superb sub-zero fashion. One of my favorites so far is being worn by an unlikely bunch, the great male professors of Ohio University. A casual suit worn contrastingly and harmoniously tucked into a pair of well-constructed rain boots. Already today I have spotted one of these well-fashioned men in Perks, as well as right outside of Baker sporting this interesting and scholarly combination. I hope to get a sample of one soon but for now I have to let a mental image suffice while I chatter my teeth.

So do as your fashionable elder professors do and go the classic rain boot way. Frankly I'm sick of the day-glo patterns and would like to see some old-school equestrian styles roaming these ice laden streets.


Hunter Olive Green Riding Rain Boots
$140 @ Shoes.com


Delias Multi-Colored Riding Rain Boots
On Sale for $45 @ Delias.com


Generic Women's Riding Rain Boots
A Mere $20 at ..... Walmart.com
They look IDENTICAL to these Equestrian Rain Boots found at none other than Urban Outfitters. So save yourself the dough and shop at the place you never thought you would go.


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