Thoughts on Court

I've been sitting in a *Nameless* tanning salon on Court waiting for my friend to finish toasting her skin for approximately 20 minutes. Within these 1,200 seconds I have seen about 15-20 collegiate girls walk in and out. Every single one of them (and when I say every single one, I mean excluding not one girl) was happily sporting her own "unique" pair of Uggs. Eight to ten were wearing a lovely chestnut color, five-ish were sporting the dark brown, and the rest were devoted to black. O wait! Lets re-tally the count and add two more to the chestnut category. Some slipped passed me while I was writing the past four to five sentences.

Lets guesstimate that an average pair of Uggs costs between $130- $160. Now lets take the lump some of money and apply it to something stylish.

Here we have a beautiful pair of Militia Booties found on Modcloth.com with both Chestnut and Mocha worked into the boot. Now you don't have to choose!

Militia Booties $127.99

And here for those few of you devoted to black, a soft leather pair of Buckle Boots from Urban Outfitters.
Buckle Boot $98

Each under $160. Each making a difference in my daily near-drownings in a sea of Uggs.

I just found this website. It made me laugh.
http://www.igotuggs.com---the name explains itself.


Cassie The Venomous said...

Any alternative to the Ugg is a fabulous one. I just want those things out of sight and out of mind forever.


Anonymous said...

I love your independent mind and classy, but accessible sense of style! I think more people should read your blog. The eyesores might go away!
She Who Has An Eye For Talent

Alena said...

Hey, I go to OU and I read your blog all the time! I agree with you on the subject of Uggs... they're everywhere! I have several pairs of boots that I love because they are entirely different, and stand out in a sea of brown, chestnut, and black suede. I will be honest though... I do have a pair of Uggs, though I only wear them to work when I'm on break because they are comfortable, or around Athens when it is extremely cold.